Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dirty Mouth?.....

Dirty Mouth?

Clean It Up!

My daughter makes me laugh all the time. Some of you might not know this is a commercial on TV for a chewing gum.

We went to the beach today to see how Hurricane Gustav was affecting the waves. Sure was wild. Here are a couple of photos.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I really need to get busy and start sewing for real. I'm in a slump where I can start things but can't finish them.
I don't quilt except for a couple of things. Here is one:
A Quilt For Mom
It is a lap quilt I designed and made for Mom. The large pink stars are for me and my sister. The 2 outside big blue ones are my brothers. The pale blue in the middle is my brother who passed away. The little pink and blue ones are for Mom's grandchildren. The yellow background is Mom for she was the sunshine in our lives.

Here are just a couple of the dolls I've made.
My Toys

Thursday, August 28, 2008

One of my favorite things..... insect photography. Just thought I would show you one of my favorite photos although if I had to choose it would be so difficult. The first photo is a Common Green Darner.

My favorite lady bug photo entitled "The Lady and the Rose"
The Lady and The Rose

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I've been published!

Orlando Magazine emailed me a couple of months ago and asked about one of my photos. I said sure, you can use it. Well, I got my magazine. Pretty cool to see your own photo in print even if it is just a couple of lovebugs LOL!! Here is the photo they used. These things can be very nasty! They have a chemical in them that can strip the paint right off your car.
Here is a little info if you have never seen them. You haven't lived until you go through the lovebug season. They can drive you up the wall. Female on the left. Male is 1/2 inch and female 1/3 inch long.
The love bug (also known as lovebug, march fly, honeymoon fly, telephone bug, kissybug and double-headed bug) (scientific name Plecia nearctica) is a small flying insect common to the southern United States, especially along the Gulf Coast. It is most often known as a serious nuisance to motorists driving at high speeds when the insects spatter on their windshields in great numbers.
Lovebugs are a considerable nuisance to motorists. They congregate in unbelievable numbers along highways and the insects spatter on the windshields and grills of moving trucks and automobiles. Windshields become covered with the fatty remains, and vision is obscured. During flights, the flies clog radiator fins causing cars to overheat. They also get into refrigeration equipment on trucks causing them to malfunction. The fatty tissue will cause pitting of the car's finish if it is not removed within a few days.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Beach and House hunting

We went to the beach today for a little. It has been over a year. I sure missed it. I was enjoying myself taking photos of the birds when this kid decided to run through them. I was pretty annoyed at first but got a great photo out of it.

Then we spent hours riding around looking at houses for rent. We found everything from $500 a month (eewwww) to $1500 a month (oooooh) and spent an hour in one talking to the guy about it. It had a lot of pros but almost as many cons. One con is all blue. All the carpets, the kitchen, the bathrooms....... I have all red, black and white for a kitchen. Well, we have to find something quick. I really need to have my sewing studio set up again.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wind, Rain, Singing and Sewing

Tropical storm Fay went through. It didn't do much here but we are still getting a lot of wind and rain from the outer bands. There have been some beautiful sunsets as you can see from the photo on the side.

My daughter Rhonda and son-in-law Gil run a DJ and Karaoke business. I love to go sing. For the year we were up in Georgia I only sang twice. Since we've been back, not quite 2 weeks, we've been out almost every night. This old gal is pooped. I love taking pics, especially of the lights so here are a few photos. The first one is Rhonda and Gil. It was disco night.

Gil had just gotten done singing "King Tut". Everyone loved wearing this hat. LOL Here is one of the gals that was having fun.

This is my hubby of 26 years. It was Mike's 58th birthday.

And here is one photo of their lights. Isn't it pretty?

I almost forgot to say something about sewing! I'm in several swaps right now and finally getting to my machine to start sewing. One is Viv's Halloween Ball swap. One is Helen's Stitcher's Angel and one is a Rag Doll swap on FOCD.

Friday, August 22, 2008

So Sweet

You all are! Very nice of you to try to help me. Unfortunately I'm a show me, let me see type of person. I'll figure it out soon. In the meantime, if you want to see some of my crafts please go to my flickr account

Below is some fabric I bought in Moultrie, Georgia at
Suzanne's Quilt Shop just a week or so before we moved. We have now been back in Florida for a week and I'm waiting for this tropical storm to pass so I can get to the beach and take some new photos. I'm tired of the rain and wind.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I tried for an hour figuring out how to add this on the side bar.
I am a Stitchers' Angel
You just have to go to this blog!! She is giving away the cutest things!!!