Thursday, February 26, 2009

Little Hooter Flew in!

Just look at this darling owl I won from Aunt Pitty Pat's! Isn't it sweet? Thank you so much! I just love it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Giant Swallowtail Butterfly egg hatched!

I'm a mom! Well, kind of. LOL It was so exciting! We were looking at the egg this morning and I told Mike I'm sure it is going to hatch soon and it did! While we were looking at it again this afternoon it was hatching right before our eyes! I brought it in until it is a little bigger. I don't want anything to eat it. Right now it is only 1/8 inch long. Even though I have a super macro setting on my camera, it was still hard to get photos. But, here are a few.

This first one is the egg this morning. You can see the caterpillar inside because the egg is no longer yellow, it is clear.

At 2:41 this afternoon it is hatching. Sorry so dark. Couldn't get it in a good light.:

At 2:46 it is out of the egg:

At 3:18 it is eating it's egg sac:
I can't wait until it is a little larger. I will put it back on the tree. I really want to see the chrysalis! If it makes it that long, I will bring the chrysalis back in until the butterfly emerges.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Photo Monday late today and giveaway update

I've been pretty busy lately trying to get the other 2 gifts made for the giveaway. They are finally finished. The little doll is only about 12 inches tall. The pincushion has a basket but I don't think I'm going to permanently attach it just in case the person who gets it doesn't want it on there. Don't forget to click on the giveaway button on the right and enter at that post!

For photo Monday I thought I would show you a wasp I found on a leaf. Mummified with strange twig things coming out of it. Almost like a scary movie. "The Wasp That Turned Into A Tree". Oh, and those white things. I'm not quite sure what they are. Eggs of some sort or mites or mealy bugs. Just don't know without doing some research. They are all over all 5 of our orange and grapefruit trees.

Next is a macro of a hibiscus flower.

Hope you all have a good evening.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Don't pass up this free pattern list

You know (well, maybe you don't!) that I have a list of free web patterns on the side there. Well, I just found another blog with a great list too. Don't pass this one up at The Princess and the Monkey! She has something for everyone!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Pinkie is so named because of her nose (plus, I'm terrible with names). We got her at St. Francis Animal Rescue. They estimated her birth at May 2, 2006. She chose me August 7, 2006. We just went in to look and I went home with this baby. She's not a snuggler but I love her anyway. I just wanted to show you her photo. This is the best one I've taken. She is not photogenic.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Butterfly Update!

We were outside watching the Giant Swallowtail going from tree to tree laying her eggs. She layed one right in front of us! This egg was laid at 11:49 am today. I can't wait to watch it from egg to birth to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. It's such a wonderful sight.

Photo Monday, Gifts, Give Away

I had forgotten I won a prize and when it came in the mail Saturday I couldn't figure out why I was getting a present. Well, a few weeks ago Vickie at 2 sisters and me had a little contest and I won! Look at what she sent. I forgot to put the cute little heart note pad in the photo. The candy hearts too. See the empty candy wrapper. Mmmm it was good. The little button angel is sitting on the windowsill overlooking the sewing machine.

This is a Goldfinch. When we get them down here they are no longer the beautiful yellow that you see in the North in the summer.

Here is a Giant Swallowtail. She is laying eggs in the orange tree. Soon we will have caterpillars that look like bird droppings LOL

You know it's spring soon when the bees start pollinating the orange blossoms.

Sure wish you could smell this orange blossom. Such a lovely fragance!

Here the bee is on a very tiny wildflower. I hate to mow the yard. I don't like to mow down all that the insects eat from.

One of the little baskets I've been making. It is only a few inches high and about 6 inches long. Pattern is listed in my free patterns under cute basket.

Last but not least. This is my 100th post. I am going to give away 3 things. This bag I just finished is one of them. It is quite large. 18 inches by 13 inches with the pocket you see on the outside and 2 large pockets on the inside. The other 2 gifts will be ready to show hopefully tomorrow.

I will draw 3 names from this post on March 1st.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Coffee ring snowflakes

I don't think I've been so amused in awhile. I must have played at this site making snowflakes for 30 minutes and went back for more. This would be fabulous if done on fabric!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Just a couple more photos

I just had to show you the moon tonight. I normally wouldn't have seen it but Mike was outside and told me to bring the camera. ---A few people have asked me how I got the moon and not just a white circle. I put my camera on manual and set my speed to at least 125. This one is 1/200 at F6.3. This one is still a little dark. Remember, the moon is bright like the sun so you need a faster speed.---

This is one of the hibiscus in the back yard.

Last one I promise!! I finally got a good photo so I can rest easy now.

Monday's photo of the week

I didn't get out to take as many photos as usual this week. Mostly all the same thing... birds. I've been a birdwatcher for many years and a nature photographer for almost as long. I love all nature, especially bugs. On my flickr you will see snakes, spiders, bugs, birds, and, well, anything that moves. I have sold many of my dragonfly photos and a few others. What a thrill when someone appreciates something you have done. Since we moved back to Florida I haven't been out as much as I was in Georgia. I will though as soon as it warms up.

Here is a baby quilt I'm making for my granddaughter, Anna Grace, who will be born in April. I can't wait to get it finished.
Here is the Painted Bunting again. Such a pretty bird. I hope he stays around for a while more. Sure wish I could get a decent photo before he leaves.
Pinkie is bored.
Star jasmine outside my bathroom window.
I'm not sure which post this is but it's close to 100. I'm going to have a give away but I'm not sure what yet. Probably a doll. If you are interested keep an eye out for the post. It won't be long now.
Edit: this is post 97. OH!! I forgot. Look what I won from Vickie! I'm so excited. It's so much fun to win things!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Caution.....!! Cute Overload Ahead

I saw this on another blog and had to go to youtube and find it. I must have said awwww 50 times!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Hey there!!! Boy do I feel dumber than a can of dew worms. Color and font have been found. All this time I've been composing in the edit Html thing and doing things the hard way. SHEESH!! Never thought to look in the Compose tab.
Who knew that just before they hit the water, pelicans turn upside down?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wear Red!

Tomorrow is National Wear Red Day!! Everyone can support the fight against heart disease in women by wearing red. It's a simple, powerful way to raise awareness of heart disease and stroke. Check out their site.

OH, an after thought here. Would someone on Blogger Please tell me how to change colors and fonts in the posts. Pretty please? My grandson has it set up with a mess of html so like when I did the red in this post I had to do a bunch of other stuff.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Michael Miller Fabrics

Great blog with lots of tutorials HERE. I love the childrens aprons and chefs hat and first sight quilt. The fabric is so colorful!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Picture of the week

Here I am officially starting my picture of the week. Yesterday we had the most beautiful Painted Bunting visit our feeders. He was a hard one to get a good photo of. He is the most colorful bird of the U.S. I've heard. His back is lime green, belly bright orange, head bluish purple and a different green on his wings. It's a real joy to see one. Although the books say they are common, around here they are not. Here he is in the best photos I could get.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

She's Got You

Patsy Cline is my most requested when we perform so when my son-in-law sent me this spoof video, I couldn't believe it. HOW FUNNY!! Well, I think so anyway LOL. I'm going to do this on the 13th when we play next. Hope you enjoy.

CPSIA lead-testing law is delayed

Quoting from Craftzine.
"Thanks to the incredible grassroots movement against the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, which would have gone into effect on February 10, 2009, the commission that created the law has voted to stay the legislation for one year.

"The stay of enforcement provides some temporary, limited relief to the crafters, children's garment manufacturers and toy makers who had been subject to the testing and certification required under the CPSIA. These businesses will not need to issue certificates based on testing of their products until additional decisions are issued by the Commission."

Read the full statement here.

Senator Jim DeMint from South Carolina has sponsored an amendment in order to reform the law.

It's certainly not a done deal, but it's a step in the right direction."