Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wind, Rain, Singing and Sewing

Tropical storm Fay went through. It didn't do much here but we are still getting a lot of wind and rain from the outer bands. There have been some beautiful sunsets as you can see from the photo on the side.

My daughter Rhonda and son-in-law Gil run a DJ and Karaoke business. I love to go sing. For the year we were up in Georgia I only sang twice. Since we've been back, not quite 2 weeks, we've been out almost every night. This old gal is pooped. I love taking pics, especially of the lights so here are a few photos. The first one is Rhonda and Gil. It was disco night.

Gil had just gotten done singing "King Tut". Everyone loved wearing this hat. LOL Here is one of the gals that was having fun.

This is my hubby of 26 years. It was Mike's 58th birthday.

And here is one photo of their lights. Isn't it pretty?

I almost forgot to say something about sewing! I'm in several swaps right now and finally getting to my machine to start sewing. One is Viv's Halloween Ball swap. One is Helen's Stitcher's Angel and one is a Rag Doll swap on FOCD.

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