Monday, October 20, 2008

Noni Cely Doll Video Give-away

In 2001 I started making dolls and thought I had to have every pattern and video out there. I ordered this VHS video (Customizing Doll Patterns), watched it once and never did anything with it. It also came with the torso pattern. Sooooo, I decided to give it away. You can see it
here at the bottom of the page. Remember, this is NOT a DVD. It is VHS. Leave me a comment and on November 1, I'll draw a name for the video.


Rose Prescott said...

Oh Carla, I love your blog site. You are so creative. I too had a copy of the Cely VHS at one time. Unfortunetely my was borrowed and never returned. LOL, though the borrower had a good reason not to. Her house had a fire that took out the living room and her sewing corner. All was forgiven. If I am lucky enough to be chosen for your give away I will still loan it to others to learn also. Hugs. Rose Prescott

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Great bags & pincushions!
Lee B.

Kristy Effinger said...

Hi Carla,
Thanks so much for being willing to give away the video on Customizing Doll Patterns by Antonette Cely. I would love to be in the drawing for this! my email is: Thank you again for this opportunity!
Faery Lady

lizziebetliz said...

It's actually a video I've bid for on ebay, but, never won. Would love to have it! I actually still use my VCR and don't have cable!
Cindi Heness

Deborah Robinson said...

I just watched the video on bent arms you suggested..WOW!!! I would also love to have my name "dropped in the hat" please. I have made my own patterns for my dolls..but have to do the "nip and tuck" after to have the body look right..this video would be a huge help....and I only have a vhs dvd this video would be perfect!....hugs and blessings...Debby Robinson

Anonymous said...

wonderful blog and thank you for the opportunity to get in on the blog vhs video giveaway!!


I too am having a giveaway on my blog!!

Patti LaValley said...

Hi Carla, sure would like to win t his video!

Mary said...

I'm always hoping to learn more to share with others about cloth dollmaking! The video would be very interesting to watch/play with! Thanks for offering it! MaryColgan

Glittering threads on the wind said...

I was having a blast going through your blog, nice work.
Now did I miss something here, did you move back to Georgia? Thought you loved Florida.

Marjorie Ewell said...

Please include me in your drawing for the Noni Cely tape. I too love reading your blog and think your work is terrific. Marjorie Ewell

Woman Called Joyce said...

Hi, Carla! I think you have given me the pin cushion bug! I have a few of the ideas on the design board. But they will have to wait until the tote making bug is done! :)

Marleen said...

Hi Carla,

Sure would love to win this video.


Georgeann said...

OK, after sending 2 emails and now reading more thoroughly, I'm adding a comment to your blog. I would be interested in the VHS tape. Thank you for the opportunity to receive it.

Georgeann Kreiter

Liz said...

Carla, your blog is so interesting! Love the pin cushions! Please add me to the hat for Noni's video. And feel free to sign up for my giveaway, too!