Saturday, November 22, 2008

What are these???

Whatever they are, they were in a drawer of an old sewing machine cabinet I bought a couple of weeks ago. I sure can't figure them out. They look like they are made of bone. They have a seam but if you look in the holes, the seam doesn't show.

UPDATE: I found out with the help of my doll lists that these are coat buttons. WHO KNEW! LOL


vivian said...

I would have guessed coat buttons!

Colleen said...

They are buttons. I have buttons like these on a sweater coat. They work with those loops instead of button holes.

Maggie R said...

Yes Buttons..
I use some like these on various bags I make.
Lucky you!

Ros P. said...

In Uk we would call these toggles. They are used to fasten duffel coats. They are attached by cord through the holes and fasten by being slipped through a cord loop on the other side of the coat.

Jantine Urban said...

Well, I knew ;-). I was just going to reply when I found you know already!

AwtemNymf said...

ohhhh Carla-
Your "surprise" is on it's way to you! Be on the lookout for her! Email me awtemnymfATgmailDOTcom if you need the date! I have tracking & confirmation for it! *sqeuals* I hoe you like it!
Do Not peek at my blog *winks*