Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hubby update and gift received

Thank you all so very much for your well wishes and keeping him in your thoughts. Mike came through his surgery fine. Doc said it was worse than he thought but got it cleaned up. Mike had a complete blockage in his artery in his leg by his groin. 2 bypasses and a lot of artery cleaning and he now has a pulse in his leg! It was so wonderful to hear that. We went in a 6am and he came out of surgery at 1:30pm. I didn't get to see him until 3:30 and then for only 15 minutes before I came home. It was a very long day. I sure wish it wasn't 90 minutes to get up there. It's going to be a lonnnnnnng week. That's how long he has to stay. At least a week.
Here he is talking to his anesthesiologist:

And here talking to Doc:

He sure is looking bored or is it worry? He was pretty nervous but he didn't complain.
On the way home I stopped and got a photo of the Skyway bridge on I275. I get a thrill every time I go over it. From the top you can see for miles.

When I got home there was a package in the mailbox. Look what Melinda sent me!

Isn't it beautiful? They are nesting bags. The little one is 5 inches long. And the sweetest pincushion! Thank you sweetie. It's a precious gift.


Vickie said...

Glad to hear everything turned out great! I hope your week flies by!
What a great picture of the bridge!

Kimonos and Sushi said...

Glad to hear that everything went well with the hubby. The bridge is gorgeous...pity the hospital is so far away...

Anonymous said...

I am so glad the surgery was a success. Thanks for enjoying my little gift. Hope Mike is home soon enjoying the pampering I know he will receive from you.

Robyn said...

Hi Carla and a happy New Year to you and Michael...So glad he came through the surgery fine. Trust that he continues to do well.
Hugs to you and a happy 2009.
Robyn xx

vivian said...

I bet your husband loves the fact that you post those pictures on your blog!! you crack me up!
glad all is well! I think that bridge would give me the heebie jeebies!
happy new year!

melly~ said...

Your husband looks like a good old boy. I like that. Glad to hear all went well with his surgery. my hope for him is a speedy recovery.
enjoyed your blog today. thanks for stopping by this morning. happy new year!

Maggie R said...

Hi Carla,
So happy to hear DH came through everything just fine..... You will be glad to get him home....
I'm like Vivien, The bridge Is very beautiful and I am sure the view at the top is awesome! but it gives me the "Heebies" too I can't take heights....YIKES!!!!
Anyway..... Happy Happy 2009New Year.Hope it is full of all good things for you and DH...
PS Drop by my blog Carla. I tagged you ;-}

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Carla, I'm so glad everything turned out good. Our friend who is here right now has had that surgery recently. Matter of fact he had three in less than a month. It has been awful. But now all seems good. And I hope for the best for your hubby.
Nice gifties Melinda sent you too.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear this Carla, very scary thing to go through for both of you.

Linda said...


First of all, glad your DH is doing well.

Love your picture of the Skyway! This one isn't bad, I drive over it often, but the old one was awful. Right after the new one opened my Dad took my 2 sons and myself over it and made the comment that with the old bridge I would be on the floor of the car crying. He didn't add that I was a child at the time. Okay, so I was 18 the last time I had gone over it, drove around through Tampa after that until the new one came along. First time I went over the bridge was in 1957 when it was two lanes and real scary!