Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snowman/woman Swap & More!

Thought I'd show you a photo of the snow gal I made for my partner and the snow baby. Mom is a free pattern by Deanna Hogan of Blue Heron Dolls and can be found HERE. There is a link to her Picture trail to see many, many different ones she created. Baby is made with 2 styrofoam balls and a baby sock. It has a large washer glued to the bottom under the sock for stability. I also included a snowman pin, bell necklace and foam snowmen. Forgot to take photos of it all. :/ The photo on the right is the cute little guy I got from my partner VivLyn.

Kerry, at Attic Rose Creations, is having a 300 post give-away. Check out her beautiful Victorian boot. Many years ago I was in an online swap. We all used this pattern by Jacqueline Uetz. The photo of mine that I sent Kerry (and the shoe too) is not very good. I needle-tatted the lavender trim at the top. The other side has a small scissor pocket and flap that lifts up for needles.
First one mine to Kerry. The beautiful shoe on the right was made for me by Kerry Seymour. June 2003


creativedawn said...

Okay...I am trying this again...THANK YOU for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. The book on the table is "Cloth Doll" by Brenda Brightmore. When I ordered the book and got it to read, I really had no plans on using any of her patterns because they are toooooo small for me... I like the large doll patterns!!! Lo and behold, I needed a pattern between 7 -14 inches! I will post the picture after the swap.... I really like your Snow people....very cute....just like visiting here anyhoo!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

creative breathing said...

Carla, Your page is a delight! Oh do I have a favorite Florida story! It is my ultimate dream to revisit there. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read my stories. Your comments are very appreciated. Elizabeth

vivian said...

hi Carla!
love your snowman friends!! I knew youd create something cute!

Andrea said...

Hi,I have just tagged you I hope that you will join in the fun if you have time. :)Andrea

Carla said...

You all are so sweet! Thanks for the tag Andrea. What do I do? :)

Anonymous said...

Those sweet little snowpeople arrived in my mailbox today! They are so cute! My hubby really likes the snowlady's purse! Too funny!! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with me!

vivian said...

carla, did you sneak vivlyns snowman in here when I wasnt looking? cause, I dont think he was here when I checked out this entry before!!
you both did a great job! love them all!
have a great weekend!