Monday, December 22, 2008

Some favorite ornaments, a winner and my back yard

I've been a member of several doll email lists for several years now. I thought I would show you a few ornaments from swaps from those lists. This first one was sent to me by Kat Lees in 2001. She hand painted light bulbs. Aren't they great?

This beautiful gal was made for me by Kerry Seymour in 2002. It's a pin doll that I sat on top of the tree. Seems Kerry and I got paired quite often! And take a look at that gorgeous Victorian boot that I won last week from Kerry's blog! It's her photo because I forgot to take one and I wanted to put it in this blog.

Last but not least I wanted to show you a photo I just took of my back yard. There are also 2 grapefruit trees to the right of the 2 orange trees. These are the juiciest oranges I've ever seen. I have to lean over the sink to eat them.


Vickie said...

Really nice ornaments and what a wonderful doll pin! I love it all!
I'd say the view from you back door is great!

Kerry said...

oh my, I forgot all about that doll pin! I have to say that view in your backyard is much more appealing then mine!!