Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A picture meme challenge

Elizabeth has challenged me to a picture meme. While I really don't know what that is, I'm game. It's a very hard one for me though. You have to go to your documents, then to the sixth folder and use the sixth photo. Well, I have no photos in my documents. LOL Most of my photos are off the pc on cd's or in my Kodak program by day and not folder.
Nice challenge Elizabeth!! LOL So, I went to my pictures, then the sixth folder which happened to be an old Kodak folder with 2 more folders in that! The first folder is May 27, 2006. So, here ya go! A Halloween Pennant dragonfly.


Lallee said...

Carla, good for you for playing along! That is a beautiful photo. It makes me eager for spring and getting outside with my camera.

creative breathing said...

I knew you would post a beautiful creature that you so love! Thank you for sharing, it's wonderful! E

Anonymous said...

Totally lovely!