Saturday, January 17, 2009

Singing in Germany

There has been a singing discussion on my Yahoo bag group. Everyone saying how they can't sing. My thoughts on this are if you like to sing, why not? Doesn't matter how good a voice you don't or do have! Let it gooooooo. It makes you feel good. I feel wonderful when I sing. I've been a professional for over 40 years. One of these days I'll put a new video up of me singing.
I usually don't talk about it because it feels like bragging or Mom used to say "blowing your own horn". I don't mean to. I still perform once a month with the kids. Once a performer, always a performer. I love the spotlight and applause. I'm an Aries. I was born to be in the spotlight. LOL

This photo is of a country group I sang with (me with red scarf) while I was stationed in Augsburg, Germany in 1984. We (Country Fever) had been invited to sing on Augsburg's cable tv show. It was a thrill. I was told that I was the first American female to do so. My husband took the photo. It was blurry already so didn't scan very well. Boy do I miss Germany. What fun!
Country Fever (looking back)

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