Friday, March 20, 2009

The change has started

Last night he started acting funny. He crawled all over the jar, up and down, around every stick and leaf. There was a lot of liquid in the bottom of the jar called meconium. Then he settled on a spot. I told Mike, I bet it starts tonight. Well, sure enough it did. See the little saddle of silk? That's how he holds himself on while he pupates. I wonder how long it will take for him to go to full chrysalis? The monarch was almost immediate. I've searched all over the net but cannot find info on this guy except they say Giant Swallowtails do everything slowly.


Serena said...

WOW....this is SOOOOO interesting! Wonderful photo, Carla!

I LOVE the new blog look and header!

Jackie said...

Carla, That is just really cool! I am enjoying watching the progress.

Margaret said...

Firstly , the new blog page is great. And I am like a kid again watching your photographic progress of these wonderful moths, er! butterflies.