Monday, April 6, 2009

Birth Day!!!

I sat at the pc this morning without looking at the cocoon. Usually it's the first thing I do. About 15 minutes later I looked up and thought it looked strange. Well, it was because the butterfly had hatched and was hanging from the top of the jar on the lace. Oh how I wish I could have gotten photos of the birth! It was at 8:45 am when I saw it. It took one hour for it's first flight from tree to tree and another 25 minutes to fly out of my site. What a wonderful gift to see from start to finish. I hope you enjoy the photos. Some you have already seen but I wanted to put them in order.
#1. Just layed 2/14

#2. Ready to hatch 2/24

#3. Out of the egg. 2/24 About one quarter inch long.

#4. 3/3 One week old

#5. Sixteen days old. 3/12

#6. 3/14 Last instar. The old skin is laying beside him (he will eat it) and the black face that is too small is being shed. The green is his new face.

#7. 3/17 is over 2 inches. 21 days old.

#8. 3/20 ready to pupate

#9. Change complete

#10. 4/6 Birth day. They have to dry out and get fluid pumped into their wings before they can fly.

#11. Birth day continued. He was not in any hurry to leave my hand. Hubby was afraid he was going to fall off so had his hand under. :) I will transfer him to a tree now so he can finish his thing.

#12. Cocoon for size comparison.

#13. Face close-up.

These next 3 photos are showing front and back. His body is still swollen. He releases liquid a few times before he flies.

Hope you enjoyed as much as my husband and I did. :D


365 Letters said...

That is so cool! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Kerry said...

That is really amazing and such a beautiful buterfly he turned in to!
thanks for sharing that with us Carla!!

vivian said...

Wow Carla! those pictures are incredible! YOu should make a book with those photos! Thank you so much for sharing those. How very interesting!

Christine said...

That butterfly is beautiful. I'm going to send my readers over here to see it.


Jackie said...

Carla, Those pictures are so amazing! I just love them and find them very interesting. You do such a great job describing and taking the photos. Thanks for sharing.

Catherine said...

These photos are absolutely amazing. Thank you so very much for sharing these -- it has been a real treat watching all this unfold!

Serena said...

I'm feeling quite emotional after sharing this journey from beginning to end. What a gentle and caring soul you are, Carla. You must feel so proud that your 'charge' made it to adulthood. These progressive pics are fabulous! Well done ~

jabeybaby said...

Thanks for sharing! The pictures are awesome and he turned into such a beautiful butterfly.

HElen said...

Thank you for the wonderful journey in pictures! What a beautiful buttefly! and wonderful photos!

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...


Pat said...

AMAZING photos. Thanks for sharing them. We have a lot of butterflies in our area in the summer...all colors and types....and I'll have more apprecation for them because of your photo essay.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

That was great that you were able to document the whole process of the birth of the butterfly! Amazing and thanks for sharing it with all of us. The butterfly is gorgeous.

Sandy said...

Wow, beautiful!!! So cool to be able to follow along until the birthing...wonderful, thanks Carla.

Annemariesquilt said...

Thank you for commenting on my Black and White quilt finish..
You have so many beautiful pictures on your blogg!!
Happy easter,,...

Quilt Hollow said...

Thanks for the lesson....amazing and they are gorgeous "AFTER." LOL

Karin said...

What a beautiful butterfly - thanks for sharing the pics, I enjoyed them alot.

Happy easter

Linda Fleming said...

I loved this series of photos- so interesting to watch the creation of a butterfly- great photos Carla!

The cute pin cushion doll arrived earlier this week- thank you very much! Sorry I didn't comment sooner but haven't been on-line lately.