Monday, April 20, 2009

Photo Monday

I took so many photos this last week! Several hundred at a wedding. I won't bore you with those! LOL One of my favorite things are classic cars. There was a car show downtown yesterday. It was really hard to choose just a few cars to show you. They were all so cool!!

1936 Ford Truck, so cool!!!

Ooooohh Rolls Royce!

Gorgeous classic Zimmer

Forgot to write down what this one is but I love those tires!

Saturday I had a quilt class that I had to leave early to do the wedding but here is a photo of the quilt designed and made by the teacher, Janine Ward. I'm going to do mine in greens and browns mostly.

Yesterday we walked to the jetty and this little Ruddy Turnstone followed me. Later, it got into some guys shrimp bait and taking off with the bag LOL

Lastly, here is a little bee on a tiny wildflower. The flower is 5/8 inch wide.


JudiA said...

Oh my, you've had a busy week. SO many things to see -- I'm glad you notice them all to share. We have a classic car show in our town in August. I enjoy them too, LOL.

Linda Fleming said...

OMG! Love those photos of the bee and the bird- fantastic shots! Way to go, Carla!

Mike Fleming said...

Carla your photos are just great. What kind of camera are you using?

Sandy said...

Wow hubby would love those cars.

We plan on going to pismo this coming father's day for a classic car show...

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Carla Sweetie, you have been really busy taking wonderful photos! I love all those old cars.
Little Anna Grace is Beautiful!
I love babies. :)

Martha said...

You take the BEST photos! They are so great!