Thursday, May 14, 2009

The storm has passed

We finally got a little rain last night. Lightning hit about 4 houses away and we lost power for a few hours.
The first photo has only been cropped. Straight out of the camera. The second has had the Orton effect applied.


Jackie said...

Great pictures, I love the after.

creative breathing said...

Beautiful sky with the dark tree. I think I like the first best. It sure is hard to decide! E

vivian said...

great pictures carla. do you like lightning storms? being in florida, I know you get a lot of them. I've gotten better about them over the years, but I really dont like them, they pretty much scare the crap out of me when they are close by!
have a great weekend!

Linda Fleming said...

Great photos! We got a light shower last night and another sprinkling this evening. Not enough to help the lawn much, but it has settled the dust and pollen a bit.

Margaret said...

No storm over our way, we have had the wind , it hasn't stopped blowing since yesterday. There was a lovely story about pelicans on local t.v. last night.

Thirteen pelicans affected by the Moreton Bay oil spill off Brisbane are set to be returned to their local habitat.

The birds have been cared for at the Fleay's Wildlife Park on the Gold Coast.

They are the last birds to be returned to the island after the oil spill about two months ago.

Moreton Island was officially declared clean on Wednesday, although crews are still removing oil from parts of the island.

I am sure you will like the story

Pegasus Kelly said...

We had a pretty crazy storm earlier this week. Thunder and lightning (not common but familiar) and hail like nobody around here had ever seen before (no exageration). I didn't get any good pictures like these though.

Serena said...

Lovely photos, Carla, with or without the effect ~ :)

Mommy Mac said...


Stellar pictures.

Waht kind of camera do you have?

I love the beautiful reminants of the after storm.

.mac :)

Terri said...

those are awesome pictures.