Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another butterfly soon

It won't be long now before this little one starts to chrysalis. Problem is, it will be around 1am and I so wanted to video it this time. I think I'll probably miss it.
:( This is a Monarch.


Jackie said...

Nature is just beautiful!

Angel said...

Oh Carla...that is so beautiful...thanks for sharing!!



Karin said...

Great pics! I love the details.

creativedawn said...

They are soooo beautiful. Growing up in Staunton, VA ...Blue Ridge Mts. Shenandoah Valley, I had the opportunity to experience rural living. Every year I captured a catepilla along with the necessary foliage in a jar and watched it as it coccooned and then emerged and of course watched with tears as it flew off into the trees. While it formed no attachment to me, I had named it and so forth...LOL! Your entry does bring back wonderful memories. Thanks Carla!