Monday, October 5, 2009

Terry's block

Here is the block I made for Terry. It's called a Friendship block. I got the pattern from
This is a wall of my sewing room I forgot to upload the other day. The little design wall still has a wall hanging on it from January. In the book case are some of my patterns. The folders are all patterns that have been downloaded. In the corner is a stand with a few of my dolls that have been sent to me and some of my pincushion collection. That stand is a big mess too!


JudiA said...

What a nice contribution to the quilt. I have to say though, that by my standards you room isn't very messy -- I can still see the surface of the table, LOL!

Jackie said...

The block is terrific! I love the quilt on your design wall!

MaryO said...

Very pretty block, Carla! Your sewing room looks just like a sewing room should look, in my opinion.

Karin said...

I love the fabric you used for this block.

Where is a mess? I cant see it - its a creativity area and it needs to look like this. Dont worry mine looks the same ;-)

Sandy said...

wow, that's beautiful.

Julia said...

it's a gorgeous block Carla and will be a lovely addition to the quilt..
Julia ♥