Monday, February 23, 2009

Photo Monday late today and giveaway update

I've been pretty busy lately trying to get the other 2 gifts made for the giveaway. They are finally finished. The little doll is only about 12 inches tall. The pincushion has a basket but I don't think I'm going to permanently attach it just in case the person who gets it doesn't want it on there. Don't forget to click on the giveaway button on the right and enter at that post!

For photo Monday I thought I would show you a wasp I found on a leaf. Mummified with strange twig things coming out of it. Almost like a scary movie. "The Wasp That Turned Into A Tree". Oh, and those white things. I'm not quite sure what they are. Eggs of some sort or mites or mealy bugs. Just don't know without doing some research. They are all over all 5 of our orange and grapefruit trees.

Next is a macro of a hibiscus flower.

Hope you all have a good evening.


HElen said...

Those are very interesting shots! Beautiful flower!

Jacque Uetz said...

Wow Carla you really know how to use that camera always something interesting going on..Beautiful Hibiscus does me good to see blooms..All mealy bugs I have seen are smaller but sure is a good shot!

Serena said...

What darling giveaways, Carla!

That wasp/bug looks like he has his own camoflage outfit. Great pics!

Linda said...

LOL I enlarged the bug and it really creaped me out!! LOL Great photo though! It does look like the twig is growing out of him! Really makes ya wonder!!
When you enlarge the hibiscus the detail is stunning!! Wow!
OhMyGosh! the little doll is just too adorable!! The cute sideways smile! The beautiful dress (fav colors!!) and the curly hair - Gorgeous!! The pin cushion is beautiful! Love the idea of the little basket! You are so creative!!
Ut oh, just noticed the time (1:30 am!) guess I should get to bed! LOL
And... just so you know... you are never too old to climb snowbanks! :) I had the kids with me to help me up at the top! LOL I slid down on my buttox and drove home in wet pants! LOL

Shashi Nayagam said...

You are an expert at taking nature pictures. Ugh those bugs don't look like they are good for your trees.

Love your little doll and pincushion.

vivian said...

great dolls! I like the pinkeep holding the basket. what if you made the basket into another little pinkeep? It would look like she was holding a basket of quilts or something. Just a thought!
You crack me up with the dead wasp! I hope what ever hatches out of those eggs doesnt harm your fruit trees!
have a sweet week my friend!

Linda Fleming said...

Darling dolls, Carla. And I love that photo of the dead wasp- how interesting. Don't you love taking photos of hibiscus- they make a really pretty photo. Gorgeous macro shot.

Sandy said...

LOVE that macro of the bloom. Your doll and pincushion are so cute! Very creative. Oh a give away?!? gotta go check that out.

Sandy said...

silly me, I already entered! Crossing my fingers though..

Anonymous said...

You do such awesome bug shots, and that flower shot is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say how cute that pink haired doll is!!

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Oh Carla I love you Annie.. she is So Darn Cute!!!! I love your photos.. I wish I had such an eye for photography :)